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Summer sports can help us lose weight, body function and other benefits to improve air jordan 11 retro, so a lot of people like to do sports in the summer sweating, but the summer sports should pay attention to what? If you don’t pay attention to what can cause harm to the body? Following quickly and small make up together and look at it.
1, wearing cotton clothing
Light colors can reduce the absorption of heat, wear rise quite cool; dark clothing absorbs more heat, wear more hot. Cotton diathermy, sweat is better than chemical fiber air jordan 11 retro low products. So, the summer sports dress in light colored cotton is the best style, more relaxed, cooling performance is better, more shallow color is not easy to heat.
2, it is premature to morning exercises
Early summer morning exercises are used to, many people are the first light of day out. But the morning exercise should not be too early, so as not to affect the normal sleep.
3, avoid direct sunlight
Summer morning 11 when to afternoon when the strongest ultraviolet, infrared 4. Excessive ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye damage, and can cause skin cancer. But long time irradiation of infrared ray, which can increase intracranial temperature rise air jordan 11, meningeal inflammation, a stroke. We should avoid when the sun is strongest in outdoor sports, more can’t bare to the waist movement.
4, exercise control
The summer of human energy consumption of large, to control the intensity of exercise. Once the symptoms of heat stroke, should immediately to a cool ventilated place to sit, drink some cold salt boiling water, breathe the fresh air air jordan 11 for sale, cold in the scalp and forehead or armpit. Dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms, can take Dan, Shi Dishui etc. Qushu drugs. If the treatment is not better, should see a doctor immediately.
Hot summer weather, sports the best arrangements in the early morning sunshine primary care or sundowners for good, should choose soft, slow walking, dancing, Tai Chi exercise, time in 1 hours.
As the summer heat, sweat more, so the exercise intensity should not be too large, the time should not be too long. If the strenuous exercise, prone to sweat, sweat vent too much Air Jordan 11 retro for sale, not only hurt the Yin Yang, will damage.
5, timely and proper
Summer sports sweat more, salt loss amount is large, easy to make the cell osmotic pressure, resulting in sodium metabolism imbalance, cramp phenomenon. So, the summer sports replenish moisture is very important. Is the best replenishment method of a small number of times, each 10 to 15 minutes of exercise 150 to 200 ml of drinking water. But don’t drink sweet drinks, to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach. After motion Air Jordan 11 retro low for sale should also be timely to add moisture, but do not drink too much, drinking will increase the burden on the heart.
6, don’t use cold drinks cool
Some people used to eat cold drink after exercise. In fact, eating cold in the body under the condition of high temperature will hurt the stomach. This is because the movement of large amounts of blood to the muscles and skin, and digestive system is comparatively anaemic condition, then eat a lot of cold drink will not only reduce the stomach temperature, will dilute the gastric juice, gastric physiology is damaged, it will cause indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, acute gastroenteritis, or might even after suffering from chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, sowed the seeds of. Exercise is the best drink dilute brine temperature.